Duo viciously attacked man at Metro station and stole items from his pockets

A despicable duo were jailed after they viciously assaulted a man at a Metro station and made off with items from his pockets.

Donna Teague and Michael McGeachan were described as “bullies” by a judge after he heard how the pair assaulted the victim in Wallsend.

A court heard that the grandmother and her former partner spotted the man as he sat on the platform waiting for a train and immediately crossed the tracks to get to him.

Both grabbed the victim and pulled him to the ground before McGeachan kept him there as Teague riffled through his pockets.

The pair then made off with a number of items and cash, leaving the man injured and bedraggled on the floor.

McGeachan, 33, of Rashielee Drive, in Erskin, Renfewshire, in Scotland, appeared at North Tyneside Magistrates’ Court earlier this year to plead guilty to one count of assault by beating.

He was jailed for four months in February.

Teague, 38, of Penman Place, in North Shields, appeared at the same court but fled the building while McGeachan was getting sentenced.

And, while she was on bail and awaiting her next appearance in the dock, the lout was caught stealing bottles of vodka from the Co-op.

Now, the thief has been locked up for a total of eight months after she pleaded guilty to one count of assault, two of failing to surrender to the courts, one of breaching a community order and one of shop theft.

Tracey Wood, prosecuting at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court, where Teague appeared via a video link from HMP Low Newton, said the assault happened as the victim was waiting for a train at Wallsend Metro Station on May 6 last year.

“A male has approached him,” Ms Wood continued. “Donna Teague was in company of that male, Michael McGeachan.

“She said to the male ‘grab him.’ Both defendants then grabbed the victim and took him to the floor.

“It caused a slight injury to the victim’s head due to the impact with the floor.”

The court heard that McGeachan used his body weight to continue to pin the victim to the ground as Teague rifled through his pockets.

Michael McGeachan, who has been jailed for assault

They both then made off.

Ms Wood said that the victim later told police that two keys, a mobile phone, a debit card, cash and a bottle of medication were missing from his pockets.

When Teague was subsequently arrested and searched, she was found with the phone.

Ms Wood added: “This was initially charged as a robbery. However, the victim was uncooperative, so it was dropped down to an assault.”

The court was told that, while on bail on March 22 this year, Teague stole three bottles of Russian Standard Vodka, worth £60, from a Co-op in North Shields.

The goods were never recovered as she sold them on.

The crook was also on a community order, which she was failing to comply with, for separate theft and assaults charges.

Stuart Athey, defending, said Teague suffered with substance misuse and had failed to show for one court hearing as she knew she’d be going to prison but she wanted to see the birth of her first grandchild.

Donna Teague, who has been jailed for assault and theft
Donna Teague, who has been jailed for assault and theft

Mr Athey continued: “She knows the victim of the assault and has done for a long time.

“She saw the victim the day before and had leant him a tenner. She saw him at the Metro Station and it was clear he had purchased alcohol.

“There’s then an argument.”

Jailing Teague for a total of eight months, District Judge Paul Currer, who also sentenced McGeachan back in February, said: “I have watched the video, which shows you and and McGeachan getting off the Metro.

“It’s clear you notice [the victim]. You usher McGeachan over with you and you both walk over the tracks and approach him and clearly assault him.

“You subject him to a nasty and vicious assault and, in the process, go through his pockets and take items.

“You’re exceptionally fortunate not to be charged with robbery. It was a despicable thing to do.

“You then left him on the floor, hurt and bedraggled – it was a case of complete bullying.”

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