Hour by hour forecast around the North East as more snow is expected

The region has been hit with heavy snow for the last few days and it looks like the cold weather is set to continue.

The Met Office has issued several weather warnings of snow and ice for the region throughout the week with the latest set to last until Saturday.

While families have been enjoying the snowy scenes, the weather has been a nightmare for commuters as Storm Darcy has caused travel chaos.

Some roads have been impassable, forcing them to close, cars were stranded and bus services unable to depart due to the heavy snow.

The frosty weather is set to continue as temperatures drop as low as -8°C in some areas of the region.

The weather forecast for the region today states: “A very cold start, and largely sunny away from the coast, where snow showers are likely.

“These scattered snow showers are expected to push inland through the day, although some parts staying dry. Remaining cold, especially in the brisk wind. Maximum temperature 2°C.”

Here is an hour by hour forecast for the North East:


8am: Cloudy/ -2°C/ Feels like -4°C

9am: Cloudy/ -1°C/ Feels like -4°C

10am: Cloudy/ 0°C/ Feels like -3°C

11am: Overcast/ 0°C / Feels like -3°C

12pm: Heavy snow shower/ 0°C / Feels like -4°C

1pm: Heavy snow / 1°C/ Feels like -4°C

2pm: Cloudy/ 1°C / Feels like -4 °C

3pm: Cloudy/ 1°C / Feels like -4 °C

4pm: Cloudy/ 1°C / Feels like -5°C

5pm: Overcast/ 0°C / Feels like -5°C

6pm: Cloudy/ 0°C/ Feels like -6°C

7pm: Cloudy/ -1°C/ Feels like -6°C

8pm: Overcast/ -1°C/ Feels like -6°C

9pm: Cloudy/-1°C/ Feels like -7°C

10pm: Overcast/-1°C/ Feels like -7°C

11pm: Partly cloudy/ -1°C / Feels like -7°C

Bishop Auckland

8am: Sunny intervals/ -5°C/ Feels like -7°C

9am: Sunny/ -3°C/ Feels like -6°C

10am: Sunny/ -2°C/ Feels like -4°C

11am: Sunny intervals/ 0°C / Feels like -3°C

12pm: Cloudy/ 1°C / Feels like -3°C

1pm: Light snow/ 0°C/ Feels like -5°C

2pm: Light snow/ 0°C / Feels like -5°C

3pm: Light snow/ 0°C / Feels like -5°C

4pm: Cloudy/ 0°C / Feels like -5°C

5pm: Partly cloudy/ -1°C / Feels like -6°C

6pm: Partly cloudy/ -2°C/ Feels like -7°C

7pm: Clear/ -2°C/ Feels like -7°C

8pm: Cloudy/ -2°C/ Feels like -7°C

9pm: Cloudy/-2°C/ Feels like -8°C

10pm: Overcast/-2°C/ Feels like -8°C

11pm: Overcast/ -2°C / Feels like -8°C

Whitley Bay

8am: Heavy snow / -1°C/ Feels like -3°C

9am: Light snow / 0°C/ Feels like -4°C

10am: Light snow/ 0°C/ Feels like -4°C

11am: Heavy snow/ 1°C / Feels like -5°C

12pm: Heavy snow / 0°C / Feels like -5°C

1pm: Light snow / 1°C/ Feels like -6°C

2pm: Light snow/ 1°C / Feels like -6°C

3pm: Light snow/ 1°C / Feels like -6°C

4pm: Overcast/ 1°C / Feels like -5°C

5pm: Overcast/ 1°C / Feels like -6 °C

6pm: Overcast/ 1°C/ Feels like -6°C

7pm: Overcast/ 1°C/ Feels like -6°C

8pm: Overcast/ 1°C/ Feels like -6°C

9pm: Overcast/1°C/ Feels like -6°C

10pm: Overcast/0°C/ Feels like -7°C

11pm: Overcast/ 0°C / Feels like -7°C

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