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This project is a work in progress so please let us know if you have something you would like us to cover and we’ll try our best to do it. To us history is alive and exciting. It is in our interest to capture anything that anyone feels passionate about so that the passion can be shared by others and passed on to generations to come. All you need to do is email us with a few details and a location and we will contact you and/or give it our best shot!
We started the project in Sydney for a few reasons - Firstly because we live here - Secondly because we still have many items of historical significance that we can photograph - And most importantly because Sydney was the location of the crossroads of European settlement in a timeless land inhabited by peoples of The Dreamtime. Our aim is to peel away the layers of historical Sydney till we find tracks that we can follow to all parts of Australia and the world. We will go to these places, capture all the images we can and then somehow link them back to today’s Australia forming an ever evolving puzzle with thousands of stunning images as its pieces. It is a labour of love and dedication and to us, its the best job in the world.
DISCLAIMER Please note - Whilst all care is taken to present the facts, there may be discrepancies.

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