History - Then & Now
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Chances are that there are direct comparisons available between then and now of just about any feature of your environment - we will find it with your help!
Middle Head

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Maps are a interesting tool to explain the time and place that it once was. The older they are, the more interesting the subject gets. Sydney Aquarium & King Street Wharf  are new buildings and new stories but they still make up a new history that will come valid when someone is interested. Everything that happens makes a new history...

Our world as it was, how it’s changed and what’s in store

There is a treasure trove of incredible historical images available to us. We will find as many of these as we can with a lot of help from our friends and present them. Then we’ll go out and photograph the locations pictured in the early etchings and present them also. Some of the comparisons will amaze - Some that are in decay may disappoint - All will be of interest We will take old images and new images to make up the stories so you will get an insight on what it was and what it is now.

Living with history

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