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Here’s how the pieces of the puzzle fall into place -   While researching for photography on Cockatoo Island we followed the track to Captain Thunderbolt and his partner Mary Ann Bugg.  Captain Thunderbolt is reported to have studied at St Matthew’s Church of England School Windsor. St Matthew’s Church was designed by Francis Greenway - Colonial Architect. Buried in the cemetery at St Matthew’s Church is Henry Kable - The First Chief Constable.   And so . . . we covered Henry Kable and we will be covering Francis Greenway and his architecture and Windsor along with the other subjects we’re lucky to have connected with along the way such as  Old Government House, Parramatta Park and the Burramatta people   And many more categories to come including the following . . . Transport Anglican Churches Homes Stairways Hindu Shrines Armed Forces Subjects A - F Subjects A - F Subjects G - I Subjects G - I Subjects M - R Subjects M - R Subjects S - Z Subjects S - Z
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