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HISTORY - Timeline

Footprints are let everywhere, we will find the footsteps left by the greats and give it to you on a easy to understand story. Statues always tell a story of great people, places and events. This staue stands in Gore Hill Cemetery
The original inhabitants left a footprint on the land so gentle that to disturb it seems to be unthinkable. We will instead attempt to capture the magnificence within which they lived. We will wait then to be permitted by the elders to go further. A WARNING Within this site there will be images of persons who are deceased. This may cause distress to some people.
Though they rest in peace, they still have stories to tell and secrets to reveal. We will visit as many cemeteries as we can as well as places of significance to try to find threads of stories that we can track. We will follow these through to people and places of today.
We are fortunate to have been gifted with treasures of the past that have snuggled in comfortably with the dynamics of progress. As photographers it is our duty to capture these in stunning images so that history can be looked at and studied as though it were alive today.
We have been left with treasure that have been built inot our every day society, we will uncover the stories a give you a insight of where to find them...
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