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Photochronicles aims to picture your neighbourhood like never before. Ancient, modern and tomorrow’s icons are all around us if we care to look. Our task will be to find anything with significance. We will photograph and source images and information on each subject as it was in the past and track it to the present day. We will present these stunning and memorable images to you along with their respective story lines (in brief) in an ever unfolding chronicle. This will be in a format that’s easy to access, learn from and enjoy. We hope that Photochronicles will be a useful resource to assist learning and to increase our appreciation of our environment and to remind us about our responsibilities as custodians for the future. Welcome to History’s Picture Page!
Photochronicles is (and always will be) a work in progress. with new subjects, new pages and updated sections every week - The site will expand and become increasingly more interactive and stimulating as we progress. We will bring your history alive with images into today’s world by covering everything - places, personalities, sport, entertainment, cultures, politics, services, corporations, religions, saints, sinners and much, much more . . . Please contact us with your comments and suggestions.


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