Balls Head Coal Loader & Berrys Bay
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Balls Head Reserve is a headland situated on Port Jackson approximately 1.5 kms west of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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Balls Head Balls Head is named after the Commander of HMS Supply on the First Fleet Lieutenant Henry Lidgbird Ball and is located in Waverton about 1.5 kms from the train station. The wharf shown in the photographs was originally constructed around 1917 and was operational until 1992. Balls Head has a number of native Australian plants including the Sydney Red Gums, Red Bloodwoods and a few different types of Banksia and a variety of fauna including flying foxes and marsupial mammals. The original inhabitants were the Cammeraygal people. Middens, art sites and rock engravings still remain in the area. The Great Depression was devastating and put a major impact on Australian Society. Due to lack of work and not having a steady income many people lost their homes and were forced to live in caves and make shift dwellings in this area. Berrys Bay Quarantine Depot Around 1912 a Quarantine Depot was established in nearby Berrys Bay to service boats operating to and from the Quarantine Station at North Head.
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Balls Head Reserve
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