Cammeray Cemetery - St Thomas Rest Park
ST THOMAS’ REST PARK The former St Thomas’ Cemetery was the first burial ground established on the North Shore. It was established in 1845 with a gift of four acres to the Anglican Parish of St Leonards by the prominent landowner and merchant Alexander Berry for the burial place of his wife Elizabeth (Edward Wollstonecraft’s sister). The Neoclassical pyramid in the centre of the Rest Park was erected in her honour. Edward Wollstonecraft and Alexander Berry are also buried here. St Thomas’ Rest Park contains the graves of many notable North Sydney residents including the descendants of William Blue. In 1967 the Cemetery was handed over to North Sydney Council by an Act of Parliament granting the area as ‘community land’. It was renamed St. Thomas’ Rest Park and reopened in 1974. This was North Sydney Council’s first Heritage project preserving a historic site and providing public access to its history and heritage.
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Back to subjects Back to subjects Cammeray Cemetery has moved lots of the Graves to make a road Cammeray Cemetery hold lots of stories on Sydney's Past Cammeray Cemetery is in Cammeray which is a highly resedential area Cammeray Cemetery has alot of Sydney's Powerful People Cammeray Cemetery has been and is continually being upkept Cammeray Cemetery has lots of children buried there Cammeray Cemetery has lots of people that have changed sydney history Cammeray Cemetery has not been used as a cemetery since the 60's Cammeray Cemetery is a rest park used by lots of people each day Cammeray Cemetery has lots of interesting graves Cammeray Cemetery has lots of interesting stories Cammeray Cemetery has a local resident

Cammeray’s historic cemetery

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