Camperdown Memorial Park, Sydney
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"Enjoy Time" in Camperdown Memorial Rest Park: CNR Federation Road and Church Street Newtown NSW Australia The Camperdown Memorial Rest Park is found in Newtown at the corner of Federation Road and Church Street. There are a lot of things that you can do with your downtime throughout this park and many locals go to share a bottle of wine or sit and chat about the week. Throughout the year, there are various festivities, including the annual Newtown Festival. This is an event that is attended by a number of people in town – and people come from all over Australia to attend. There are food vendors, rides, and games. The Newtown Festival takes place in November and celebrates the city’s birthday. In past years, over 40,000 people are known to show up. There is a creative programme in place that includes three stages for music as well as a Writers’ Tent, Bike Boulevard, and an area dedicated entirely to kids. There are also various sponsors for booths where various foods and crafts are sold by locals. Drum circles are found periodically in Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, which goes with the “alternative” lifestyle that is found throughout Newtown. You can find the circles in the mornings and go to listen to the music or join in. Many times, someone has an extra drum, so there is no worry if you did not bring your own. Footie and frisbee games are almost always going on, so it’s a great recreational outlet for you, your friends, and the entire family. There’s no reason why you have to sit at home when you have access to a park like this at all times. You can bring your own football or frisbee or ask to join in where a group is already in play. People are friendly and always eager to add another person to the game. There’s a huge open space at the rest park, so you can bring as many people as you want. It’s also a dog-friendly park, so you can bring your dog for a game of fetch or simply walk them around the park to check out all of the sights. The chances of you running into someone else that has a dog is high, so be sure your dog is friendly and on a leash. Off leash romping takes place from 5 pm to 9 am on a daily basis. You can indulge in picnics throughout the park as well. Before you cross into the park, you will find various restaurants and cafes along Federation Road. Order something to go, bring a blanket, and have yourself a picnic. There are plenty of manicured lawns for you to stretch out on and enjoy a meal while being outside. If you go at night, you never know what you may see! Many of the artists come down to the Camperdown Memorial Rest Park and do some entertaining for the crowds. Fire twirling, interpretive dance, and various other performances have been known to occur at the park. It’s a great way to relax and catch some entertainment without spending any money. Music is big in the Newtown area of New South Wales and there is no reason for you to wait until the Newtown Festival each year, either. There is a stage and various events have taken place here. You may be in a band or want a band to perform. Either way, there is the option of seeing them at Camperdown Memorial Rest Park where large crowds can gather. The park is open seven days a week at all times of the day or night. There are no liquor laws within the park, so you are welcome to bring a bottle of wine, a bottle of cider, or anything else that you want in the form of liquid libations. While there is always a crowd of people partaking in one event or another at the park, the one thing that everyone can agree on is the fact that you will see dogs. People bring their dogs here more than anywhere else in Newtown. If you don’t have one with you, there may be times when you feel left out so just borrow one! The park is worth visiting whether youre a local or a tourist. The park is actually a must if you are a tourist because it will give you an opportunity to see the heartbeat of Newtown. You can gain an appreciation for the arts and meet new people that aren’t afraid to talk to strangers. When you want to visit the Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, be sure to enter from the Federation Road side as that is where the bulk of the park is found. If you enter from the other side, you will see the cemetery. While the cemetery is a draw for some people and is open to the public, it’s not really the most ideal landscape for a picnic. You can ask anyone in Newtown where the park is and they will point you in the right direction. Otherwise, you can just travel down Federation Road, stop in to a café to grab a bite of lunch and then when you see the Church Street intersection, the park will be off to the side. It’s a huge park that you simply cannot miss. Be sure to visit the park often because each visit is likely going to reveal new facets to what takes place within – and new people, dogs, and events will likely be there as well.
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Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Sydney, Australia
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