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Old Homebush Brickpit
The old Homebush Brickpit is a green and golden bell frog habitat. It is surrounded by a ring walk which is 550 metres long and 18.5 metres high. The old Homebush Brickpit is part of the Sydney Olympic Park. The Brickpit was quarried and made 3000 million bricks from sandstone and shale used to build Sydney For the Olympics in 2000 the Brickpit was going to be made into the Tennis Stadium The Homebush Brickpit was established by the Government in 1911 to Provide Demand on Public Housing. This was to destroy the control that the private owners had on the brickmaking industry. The plan backfired at the beginning of the Great Depression, when demand declined and the site started operating at a major loss. It then was sold to a private firm in1936, and closed soon after.
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Homebush Brick Pit
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