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TORRES, LUIS VAEZ DE (fl.1605-1607), navigator, was a Spanish subject, but nothing is known of his birth or early life. He must have been an experienced navigator when in 1605 he was given command of the San Pedrico, 40 tons, the second in size of three vessels with which Pedro Fernandez de Quiros set out from Callao, Peru, on 21 December in search of the supposed southern continent. Quiros placed great reliance on Torres, and when they reached an island he usually sent him ashore in command of the landing party. Torres protested when, in mid-Pacific, Quiros altered course from WSW., which might have taken them to south-eastern Australia . . . Luis Vaez de Torres and Pedro Fernandes de Quiros were the first Europeans to document the Southern Land. From Torres and Quiros to Captain Cook and right through until today, Photo Chronicles will photograph and document the maritime history of Australia and other countries around the world.
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Maritime history of Australia

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