Primrose Park, Neutral Bay, Sydney
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Primrose Park - Neutral Bay Sydney Australia Primrose Park in Neutral Bay Sydney Australia, is one of north Sydney's lavish gems. This park supports beauty, adventure, lively landscape, unique views and athletic areas. The park is a locals favourite, as well as a popular tourist attraction. The beauty surrounding it and the sports areas are what draw in both local and foreign visitors. The park is widely renowned for the areas it contains for athletic games and fun. Primrose Park can host hockey events, football games, a friendly game of cricket, and events for schools and businesses. Primrose Park - Neutral Bay, derives its name from colonial times. During the colonial times, there were various bays in Sydney that supported the docking of foreign vessels. The term Neutral Bay is in reference to the neutral docking of all foreign vessels. 1789 is when the name was originally indoctrinated. The Governor of Sydney, Arthur Phillip, named this common docking bay as "Neutral Harbour". All foreign ships were encouraged and invited to dock here while resupplying their ships with food and water. Around 1899, the land became the first site in Sydney for the sewage treatment works, closing shortly after in 1920.The area was dedicated in 1930 to the park it is now. The park got its name from HL Primrose, who was the North Sydney Mayor from the period of 1926 to 1932. Throughout time, this became an area for developing artists. Many who dabbled with artistic hobbies, such as painting, craft and design work, started to populate this area. May Gibbs, a famous Australian painter, lived in the area for several years. This type of population started to have an impact on the architectural design of both housing and buildings near Neutral Bay. Many believed that this new type of style and feel gave new home construction a more personable feel and the architectural style continues to influence the area to the present day. The park, attributed to its many athletic attractions, hosts many sporting clubs. Rugby, bowls and tennis are popular clubs to watch play at Primrose Park. The park is seems to have the perfect balance of nature and functionality. Though it is host to many sporting event, the park also attracts local nature walkers and families. Infrastructure such as canals, tunnels and an engine house, which remain from the sewage works, can still be visited here. Local trails, walkways, dog parks, and nature paths are features of Primrose Park. This park is a great area to bring your family, four legged friends, and to host a picnic or birthday party. Should you be a local and have never visited Primrose Park, or a tourist who desires rich historical culture, come visit the remarkable Primrose Park - Neutral Bay in Sydney Australia.
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Primrose Park, Neutral Bay, Sydney
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