St Peter’s Church - Malacca, Malaysia
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St. Peters Church - Malacca

a catholic church - was built in 1710 after the Dutch allowed the people of Melaka to openly follow their faiths. It

was constructed by the descendants of the Portuguese emigrants who came to settle in Melaka and made it their

home. The architecture of the church is a true blend of East and West.

It has a one-of-a-kind life-size alabaster statue of Lord Jesus before the Resurrection, which makes the church an

important meeting place for the Catholics in the country. The church also contains a bell in the belfry dating back

to 1608, which was brought from Goa, India. It is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Malaysia.

Photo Chronicles intends to photograph as many Catholic Churches around the world as possible and

document their history

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St Peters Church in Malacca
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